Iraq Group Trip

Below is the itinerary for a 10/11 day trip to Iraq.

The tour dates:

November 11th – 21st – SOLD OUT

March 30th – April 9th – SOLD OUT

April 13th – 23rd – SOLD OUT

There will only be between 10 – 12 spots open on each.

The first people to email me and confirm that they’re coming, get the spots. Here’s the itinerary…

Baghdad – Nasiriya & Mosul – Erbil.

Day 1

Transfer from the airport to the hotel, welcoming from the team and check-in.

A tour of Baghdad landmarks can be arranged if arriving time before sunset. This will include statues from the Arabian Night & Monuments.

Traditional dinner of your choice.

Overnight: Baghdad / night 1.

Making friends in Baghdad

Day 2

7 AM Start the day with “Qaimar Arab” breakfast near Tahrir Square – the eastern gate of Baghdad with the monument of freedom.

Visit Old Baghdad – various local markets such as copper market “Al Safafeer”, antique market “Khan Al Mudalal”, Souq Al Sarai, Souq Al Sarajeen, and Books market “Al Mutanabbi street”.

Visit heritage sites such as Madrasa Mustansiriya School, Clock of Qishla, and the Abbasid Palace.

This tour will be followed by a boat tour at the Tigris and a photo next to the Mutanabbi statue and include lunch at one of the famous restaurants along Hayder Khana street, we can also grab a treat from both Al Shahbender cafe and Haj Zbala Juice shop.

1 PM Heading to Aqriquf.

Visiting the Ziggurat of Dur-Kurigalzu which is the most notable landmark on the site and other temples dedicated to Sumerian gods and a royal palace. The Ziggurat was unusually well-preserved, standing to a height of about 52 meters. (This we can make it on the arrival day but all depends on the exact arriving time).

4 PM Heading to Salman Pak

Visiting Taq Kasra (the Arch of Ctesiphon) which is considered a landmark in the history of architecture and the largest single-span vault of unreinforced brickwork in the world. Served as a royal capital of the Parthian and Sasanian. Baghdadi grills for dinner or any of your choice.

Overnight: Baghdad / night 2.

Day 3

7 AM After breakfast, we will head to Babylon, named a UNESCO world heritage site in 2019. The drive will take about 1 ½ hour. You will visit the historical city, rebuilt Ishtar Gate, procession street, the foundations of the real Ishtar Gate, Babylonian temples, the lion of Babylon, the maze, southern & northern palaces, the place where Alexander the Great passed away. We then will drive up the hill to see one of the governmental palaces that was built during the 1980s and has a very beautiful view.

After lunch, we will head to Birs Nimrud, visiting The Ziggurat of Borsippa known as the “Tongue Tower”. This was an important ancient city of Sumer and has a religious edifice in honor of the god Nabu.

We will then drive to Karbala and check into the hotel. At night, we will visit the shrines with golden domes of Imams Hussain and Abbas, the sons of Ali Bin Abi Talib and shrine museums.

Overnight: Karbala / night 3.

Day 4

7 AM After breakfast, we will head to the city of Al-Kifl to visit the tomb of prophet Ezekiel. This site is special due to its shared history and importance for both Muslim and Jewish devotees.

After, we will drive to Kufa visiting Masjid Al Kufa then continue on to Najaf visiting the golden dome of the Holy Shrine of Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib.

After lunch, we will head 3 hours south to Nasiriya to visit the grounds of The Great Ziggurat of Ur, a UNESCO world heritage site since 2016 and the former capital of Mesopotamia during the Sumerian time. The site includes Abraham House, Sholgi Palace, and the oldest arch of its kind at the entrance of Dub-Lal-Makh Temple.

Overnight: Nasiriyah / night 4.

Day 5

4 AM We will drive to Chibayesh and have a marshland experience.

Start with a local breakfast in the mud house and then it is followed by a sightseeing tour in numerous floating villages – the Gardens of Eden (birds, fishes, buffalos, reed, plants, and meeting the people of Ahwar). It is one of the largest ecosystems in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site since 2016. After the tour will be a meal of a special kind of fish in Iraq which lives only in the marshlands. You will have the tea from the reed house – Al Mudheef.

Stories from local people “Al Maadan” who have adapted to life on the water over the centuries.

Tour in the local market of Chibayesh and then drive back to Baghdad and check-in for one night.

Before sunset, a tour in Modern Baghdad will include Mansour and Karada areas, visiting some spots that locals visit daily and having a last delicious dinner in Baghdad.

Overnight: Baghdad / night 5.

Day 6

7 AM Heading to Samara’a visiting the beautiful Abbasid Caliphate architecture and artistic relics, twisted minarets, and lake palace, the great mosque of Samarra. The shrines of two Imams. This historical city has been on UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 2007.

After lunch heading to Hatra, an important historic religious center with its strategic position along caravan trade routes. Hatra was one of the first Arab states to be established outside of Arabia. (Sometimes closed).

Overnight: Mosul / night 6.

Day 7

Start the day with a local breakfast of local Moslawies bakery (Manaqeesh) and start discovering the reconstruction of the old city, especially the Al-Nuri mosque and Al Tahira church, by reviving Mosul initiative’s spirit UNESCO. Also visiting Bash Tapia castle.

Having lunch “Kubba of Mosul” which is the most delicious meal made by locals.

After that, we head to Bakhdida or Qaraqosh to visit Church Square, the place where the Pope prayed for Iraq during his historic visit to Iraq in March 2021.

Head to continue your trip in Dohuk and the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

In the afternoon, we head to Dohuk and we stop at one of the world’s oldest monasteries. Alqosh is built into the mountains. And then, Lalish – the most sacred town for the Yazidi religion. We’ll tour the temple, meet the locals on pilgrimage here and learn about their recent dark history with ISIS.

In Duhok, we will explore the city in a tour around the bazaar.

Overnight: Duhok / night 7.

Day 8

In the morning, we head straight to Amadiya. In the way, we will stop at Duhok dam. Also we will walk to the famous Shamarda cave before stopping at a restaurant for lunch. Following lunch, we embark on one of our longer journeys: the four-hour drive to Rawanduz.

Walking tour of Rawanduz and our resort in Korek Mountain before heading for dinner and drinks.

Overnight: Rawanduz / night 8.

Day 9

Explore Haj Omran and Felaw lake in Choman. Then we head to Shaqlawa and will stop at two waterfalls, Bekhal and Gali Ali Baik and then continue to Erbil. PHOTOS OF THIS PLACE HERE.

Overnight: Erbil / night 9.

Day 10

On arrival in Erbil or in the morning, we head straight to the Citadel. We then head into the bazaar where our local guide will help you find some last-minute bargains. Farewell dinner in the Christian district Ankawa. They sell BEER! 😀

Overnight: Erbil / night 10.

Day 11

End of tour, fly home from Erbil Airport.


  • Tour guide, including at least one female member to arrange the access in the holy shrines.
  • Entry tickets.
  • Transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • All meals.
  • Logistic support and permission access to all mentioned places. 

Does NOT include:

Flights to Iraq, Visa

Hotel list:

  • Taj Hotel in Baghdad. 4* hotel for the same price of 3* for this deal.
  • Damas Hotel in Karbala.
  • Al Zaitoon Hotel in Nasiriyah.
  • Nerkal Touristic Apartments in Mosul.
  • Parwar Hotel or Dilshad hotel in Duhok – 4* hotels.
  • Korek Mountain Resort in Rawanduz.
  • Quaint Hotel in Erbil – Ankawa.

General Information:


Iraq has a new visa on arrival scheme for citizens of the EU, UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Russia, China, Japan & South Korea. If you are not from one of these countries then we will apply for a visa on your behalf. An invitation letter is issued and you can bring this to your local embassy to apply for the visa.


All tours are open for bookings. A negative PCR test is required. Also a test needs to be done before departure. 


You will need your passport in all Iraqi checkpoints and hotels. Make sure you have at least six months valid on your passport on your arrival date, an empty page in your passport for the Iraqi visa sticker, otherwise you might have some issues at the border.


Baghdad International Airport

The Baghdad International Airport is located 16km away from downtown Baghdad. It is the country’s largest air hub, and home base for the national airline (Iraqi Airways). Connections are available to destinations worldwide.

Our transfer has been pre-arranged within the package.


230 V, 50 Hz


You’ll find it pretty tough to find any stores that will accept cards. Your best would be bringing all the cash you’ll need for your trip with you beforehand. ATMs are pretty scarce in Iraq, and occasionally the servers will be down so it won’t be possible to withdraw any money.

Bringing USD will not be a problem as it’s also widely accepted and can be exchanged relatively easily.

1$ = 1450 IQD

100 = 145000IQD

Currency information

Iraqi Dinar (IQD; symbol ID). In use notes are in denominations of IQD 25,000, 10,000, 5,000, 1,000, 500, 250.


It is up to you to ask for a hand to help you out. If someone is asking to help you and you don’t need it, just say no thank you!

In case you accepted the help then your tips in hotels or airports shouldn’t be more than 5,000 IQD.

It is always welcomed to tip more if you are happy or liked the service of the person. 


It’s always wise to dress respectfully. You shouldn’t stress too much about what to wear, but as a general rule of thumb, especially for women, you should try and cover as much of your shoulders and knees as you can.

Long pants and loose fitting t-shirts. Ideally, skirts should cover your ankles but covering just your knees would be fine too.

In holy shrines, men are not allowed to wear shorts and women should wear scarves and Abaya and our female team will help you wear the suitable dressing for that, don’t worry at all – you all are welcomed to visit.

PRICE: €2,600

Want to join? Email me and tell me you want to join, letting me know whether you want to come in November or April.

Once I email you back and confirm, you can pay the €550 deposit to secure your spot. 

Refunds: Deposit is refundable up until 1 month before the trip, 10% service charge for all refunds. All trip payments including deposits are fully refundable if there are strict covid restrictions enforced.

*All rooms on all trips are shared. We will partner you with an adventure buddy – an amazing way to make new friends!

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