February 2024
9 day itinerary

Explore Ethiopia!

DATES:  Feb 1st – Feb 9th 2024

PRICE: €2100

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Welcome to Ethiopia –  country known for its 13 months of sunshine – because YES there are 13 months in the Ethiopian year! 

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as Janet’s Journeys takes on Africa once again, exploring the diverse cultures and stunning landscapes of this remarkable country.

This itinerary is custom built for an unforgettable adventure, immersing ourselves in the vibrant traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and rich heritage of this extraordinary country. 

From exploring the bustling streets of Addis Ababa to visiting remote tribal villages and encountering fascinating ethnic groups, each day is filled with unique and incredible experiences. Discover the charm of Dorze village, witness the stunning wildlife of Lake Chamo, and delve into the traditions of the Konso, Hamar, and Mursi tribes. 

Join us as we traverse the diverse landscapes and connect with the heart and soul of Ethiopia on this once-in-a-lifetime group trip!

*Itinerary is subject to small changes

NOTE: The first trip will be led by Janet.

If there’s enough demand we’ll put on a 2nd trip lead by someone else.



What’s Included


  • Tour guide

  • Entry tickets

  • All accommodation

  • All Meals / Full board

  • All domestic transport in 4×4 jeeps & a domestic flight

  • Airport pick up / drop off 
  • Village photography fees


  • Excludes: 

● Additional snacks and any extra activities

● International Flights

● Travel insurance

● Tips for guides etc

  • Alcohol 



Throughout our stay in Ethiopia, we will stay in a mixture hotels and guesthouses.

All rooms on all trips are shared, with 2 people in each room. We will partner you with an adventure buddy – an amazing way to make new friends! You’ll be moved around to pair up with a new friend every couple of nights.

All rooms will be twin or triple sharing, private rooms. 


Day 1 & 2: Addis Ababa - Dorze

Welcome to Ethiopia!

Day 1 will depend on what time people arrive, but most likely will involve afternoon sightseeing in Addis Ababa.

Day 2: After breakfast, we will drive from Addis to Gugi highland to visit  one of the famous villages,  Gamo warriors. The Gamo people are an Ethiopian ethnic group located in the Gamo Highlands of southern Ethiopia. We will visit The Dorze village , known for their fine weaving work and for the very tall huts that look like elephant muzzles.

In the village, we will attend the preparation of cooking Enset or “fake banana” bread, as well as the traditional grappa. Afterwards, we will take part in artisan weaving. 

In the evening we will have a bonfire party with the Dorze family.

Day 3: Dorze - Lake Chamo - Konso

After breakfast, we will drive to Arbaminch for a boat trip to visit the crocodile market on Chamo lake.

In these waters, hundreds of hippos emerge at night to graze on the grassy shores. Chamo is also a sanctuary for thousands of Nile crocodiles and many species of fish, and unique bird life.

We will have lunch in Arbaminch,  then set off driving further down to Konso where we will meet the hard working ethnic group, the Konso people.

Once we check-in to Kanta Lodge, we will proceed to one of the most interesting stone walled villages of the Konso People called Gamole, which is actually a UNESCO world heritage site!


Day 4: Konso - Arbore - Turmi

After breakfast, we make a stop off at Arbore Village,  ‘land of the bulls’  along the way.

We will meet the interesting locals and see their way of life. Afterward, we will make our way to Turmi.



Day 5: Turmi - Nyangatom - Karo - Hamar

Bright and early we will drive from Turmi to a remote and rarely visited tribal area which is home to the Nyangatom tribe.

In this tribe, body scarifications are regularly practiced by both men as heroism for killing his enemy or wild animals, and women for beautifying purposes.

Afterwards we drive back to Turmi and make a stop off at the Karo tribe village.The Kara people are considered to be masters of body painting. We arrive at one their furthest village called Kolcho, which has an excellent view over the Omo River.  

In the late afternoon, we will drive to one of the local Hamar Villages around Turmi in order to visit the famous Hamar tribe. The men and women in this tribe take great pride in their appearances, shaving and coloring their hair, oiling their bodies and decorating themselves with beads and bracelets worn around arms and legs.

We will get to experience the life of this amazing tribe, and spend some time at the village meeting these amazing people.

Day 6: Turmi - Omorate - Jinka

Today, we drive to Omorate, home to the Dassanech tribe. This is a tribe who settled at the last border nearby where the Omo river meets the Kenyan Lake Turkana. 

We will take a local wooden boat in order to cross the Omo river and meet the Dassanech people at their local village where we will experience the village lifestyle.

Then after the Dassanech visit, we drive back to Jinka for an overnight stay

Day 7: Jinka - Mursi - Arbaminch

Today we drive through the Mago National Park to visit the famous Mursi tribes, best known for the lip plates worn by the women. The custom is that when a Mursi woman reaches the age of about 15, a slit is cut beneath her lower lip, creating a small hole between the lip and the tissue below. 

We will spend some time in their village, learne their customs and their way of life, and make our way through Mago National Park to see some wildlife.

Afterward, we head back to Arbaminch, where we get to witness the Bana tribe boys famous custom of stick walking!


Day 7: Arbaminch – Hawassa

Today, we attend The Awassa Fish Market, which is famous in the Rift Valley. it’s a little crazy and chaotic, but the fish you can taste here is delicious! 

Just outside the fish market, a small forest hosts black and white Colobus monkeys! Here we can place a bit of bread on your palm and stand below the trees where the monkeys will jump to come grab the bread!

Day 8: Arbaminch - Hawassa

Today, we attend The Awassa Fish Market, which is famous in the Rift Valley. it’s a little crazy and chaotic, but the fish you can taste here is delicious! 

Just outside the fish market, a small forest hosts black and white Colobus monkeys! Here we can place a bit of bread on your palm and stand below the trees where the monkeys will jump to come grab the bread!

Day 9: Hawassa - Addis Ababa - fly home

After breakfast, we drive to Addis Ababa stopping at Rift Valley Lakes that are renowned for their incredible birdlife. 

This evening, after an EPIC trip we have a farewell dinner at a traditional Ethiopian restaurant featuring dancers and musicians representing some of the country’s many ethnic groups.  

We transfer to the airport for a late night departure.

Want to join? 

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Terms and Conditions 

Your deposit is non refundable. 

For the balance of your payment, I can refund you the full amount (minus your deposit) up to 8 weeks before the trip begins should you have an emergency / illness / need to cancel.

Anything closer than 8 weeks, I cannot refund you. I suggest you take out travel insurance that covers trip cancellations, that way should something happen like you get Covid, you will get a full payout from your insurance company.

Feel free to email me should you have any questions about payment methods, payments schedule etc.

Please not this itinerary is subject to small changes due to un forseen circumstances that may arise.



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